Dragon Knight Manga

Dragon Knight Manga


Dragon Knight

Alternate Name: Dragon Knight
Year of Release: 2000
Status: Ongoing
Author: Yamaguchi, Miyuki (Story & Art)
Reading Direction: Right to Left
Genre: Adventure Drama Fantasy Romance Shoujo
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Gurian, a dragon knight, in search of a girl who has the special ability to use the power of the stars to stimulate fertility in the country`s lands, comes upon Rin. Rin is just a country girl who has a sick grandfather and young brother to take care of. Seemingly, she is a simple farmer whose main characteristic is that she talks a lot. Could she really be the next princess of the stars? And what happened to the previous princess that prompted Gurian to go on this journey to begin with?

Chapter Name Date Added
Dragon Knight 1 : Dragon Knight
Dragon Knight 2 : 2
Dragon Knight 3 : 3
Dragon Knight 4 : 4
Dragon Knight 5 : 5
Dragon Knight 6 :
Dragon Knight 7 :
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